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Is this event just for children?

No. The BrickCan Public Exhibition is for all ages. Bring the whole family!


Do I have to buy a ticket to the Public Exhibition for my 7 month old?

No. But, strollers and wagons are not permitted at BrickCan due to space restrictions. If you're able to carry your child, ages 3 and under do not require a ticket. Anyone aged 4 years or older requires a ticket for entry. Only ticketed children aged 12 years and younger are eligible to receive the exclusive BrickCan building kit to take home.


Can I bring my own creations to the Public Exhibition display at BrickCan?

No. Only adult attendees to our Adult LEGO Fan Convention can display their creations in the Public Exhibition.


Can I get Public Exhibit tickets anywhere besides Ticketmaster?

No. Ticketmaster is the sole provider of BrickCan Public Exhibit tickets. You can buy them online or in person at a Ticketmaster kiosk. You can avoid some Ticketmaster charges by purchasing tickets in person from a Ticketmaster kiosk, instead of online.


Will there be Public Exhibit tickets available at the door?

BrickCan expects most tickets to be pre-sold before the event. There will be few tickets, if any, available at the door.


Why only 2-hour times for tickets?

Due to capacity restrictions on the number of people permitted inside the River Rock Theatre display hall, organizers were obligated to choose between time limited viewings or potentially long lineups of people waiting to get in as others left. It's important to us, as LEGO fans, that as many people as possible get to see the incredible displays and unique vendors that will be on hand. To make this possible, we chose to have time slots for the limited capacity area, which is the main display and vendor hall. Our experience and learning from other similar events is that this is plenty of time for most families. The interactive 'Creation Station' area is located outside the theatre display space and is not subject to your 2-hour viewing time slot.


I have tickets for the 2:00 - 4:00 viewing, can I come early to visit the Creation Station?

Yes, and we encourage this. The Creation Station will be open from 9:00 - 4:00 in the River Rock upstairs Ballroom. Come early and participate in the activities. Ticket holders for the 9:00 - 11:00 times should plan to enjoy the Creation Station area after their viewing session. Midday sessions (11:30 - 1:30) could come early, or stay later. You will need to show your ticket to enter this area. Announcements will be made to ensure you have time to fully enjoy your 2-hour viewing time in the theatre display hall.


Should I register a user account on the BrickCan site?

If you or your family members are just interested in seeing all the cool LEGO creations on display, taking part in the fun interactive activities, and visiting the vendor tables, you do NOT need to register and create a user account. See the Public Exhibition page to see all the details. The user account is only for adult LEGO fans intending to register and pay to attend the full 4-day Fan Convention.


I cannot seem to register or log in to the site

If you are planning to attend the full 4-day Fan Convention, click on "AFOLs" at the top right of your browser screen. If you have not created a user account, and been email verified, then you will have to fill out the required information before your user account is created verified via automatic email.

If you have registered, but have not received your verification email, check your email spam or junk folders. It's also possible that you entered your email address incorrectly. If the latter, send a message to the BrickCan crew and we'll sort it out.

If you did receive your verification email, but still cannot login, or are experiencing other errors or problems, see the note below on Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies.


Some pages and menu options don't seem to display, or have disappeared

See the note below on Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies.


I can't log in or out of the site

See the note below on Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies. If you have received a 'Too many password attempts' message, you may also have to wait several hours before trying again, as the system may have locked you out. If you are a new user, and have not yet received your verification email, but try to log in anyway, this is likely to happen.



Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

The BrickCan site uses small temporary files called "cookies" to manage your site experience, optionally store your username and password for you, etc. Your browser also "caches" graphics and other files on your system to speed up page display and decrease downloads. However, at times, things can get confused between your browser and the website, so it's best to simply clear our these cached files, and delete any and all BrickCan-related cookies.

This will reset things and should solve any odd display or access problems. Doing so will not delete or change any information on your BrickCan profile, or in your system or browser. If you've asked your browser to remember your BrickCan username and/or password, you will have to re-enter them on the login page.

Instructions for clearing your browser's cached files, and deleting browser cookies are specific to different systems and browsers, so you'll have to go through your help file, or search online for directions. Before doing so, it's best to close any BrickCan tabs. Once you've done both cache and cookies, reload the BrickCan home page and see if the problems have sorted themselves out.



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BrickCan - April 20-23, 2017

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